i Wish i Could Be On Time!

30 December 2003

Last night I had a good time. Yes, yes I did. I got massively drunk at the bar my supposed boy toy works at, and I threw myself at any man that would take me for the moment. I almost ended up having sex with a really hot model type in the ladies restroom, but my friend April stopped me. When I was talking to her today she was like, "yeah, I was thinking 'should I stop her. hmmmm...'" I just laughed, but showed her my gratitude anyway. It was nice. It was nice becoming someone else even though it was at the expense of my friends, i.e. them taking care of me until like 4am. It was like a little vacation for me. Since I can't afford a real vacation, this was the best I could do. I love my little boy toy, I do. He is very intelligent and cute in a quirky kind of way. Who the hell wants a model anyway??? Um...me I guess. It would just be nice to have sex. I love sex. My boy toy tells me I have the libido like an adolescent male. I guess he is right, but maybe if he took care of me this wouldn't be an issue for us. Oh, and that is a whole different story. I never get to see him. If he is not sleeping, he is married to the god damn bar. I think to myself, "for christ's sake, relax it's a bar!!" You know kind of like the saying, relax it's just sex from Hustler. Everybody needs to relax. Just fucking relax. Take a deep breath people and relax...

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