i Wish i Could Be On Time!

21 January 2004

Demoni onato journo.
I was studying with my friend, Erica the other night and she said this to me. It is French (obviously) for "tomorrow is another day." Well today was no worse than any other day. I skipped my math class for the fourth time, plus I skipped my British Literature class, only later to bump into my professor. She wasn't too happy about my absence. I know this because she didn't even say hello to me. Oh well. I keep getting these headaches that are really weighing me down. I think I may need glasses or something. I came home from school and slept for like three hours which is going to be quite detrimental to tonight's sleep. I have been desperately trying to study for my theatre exam which is tomorrow, but I can't focus. School is boring this semester. I am really just not interested. I am contemplating if it is even the place for me. I like the atmosphere, but I am not enjoying my studies at all. I guess I just need to concentrate more and stop poking around. I like my professors, and I love all my friends, but I don't want the work. I think 15 credit hours may just be too much. I finally replaced my lightbulb in my kitchen! I had to put a chair on my table and then climb up the mountain, I was scared I was going to fall and break a hip or something. Shit, listen to me! Sorry I am in a bad, bad mood. Sleep, glorious sleep...zzzzzzz

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