i Wish i Could Be On Time!

24 January 2004

Don’t Nobody Ever Tell Me I ain’t Lived in the Mother Fuckin’ Ghetto

It’s 3:29AM and I have been listenin’ to my neighbors yellin’ and screamin’ for the past two hours. Screamin’ ‘bout crack whore, and coke ho, and this and that. I ain’t gonna be the one to call the pigs up in here, I’m tellin’ ya that. I ain’t gonna deal with the mother fuckin’ poe-leece knockin’ on my mother fuckin’ door, ‘cause I would get my lil’ white bitch ass kicked the fuck outta here, ‘cause my crib is a fuckin’ mess…aw, shit, here comes the fuckin’ poe-poe now! Don’t nobody ever tell me I ain’t lived in the mother fuckin’ ghetto, with the prostitutes hangin’ on the corner of 3rd and village, the druggies goin’ down with deals, and the homeless sleepin’ in every abandoned house there is…mother fucker, this is the goddamned ghetto. This here is real life. Shit, I feel like I’m on Oprah…she should do an episode of this neighborhood alone…help me please, I’ve gotta get the hell out of this god forsaken town!!!

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