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13 January 2004

Fabulous Female #1

My lil sis: Natalie

Natalie was born 8 August 1986. She has blonde hair and big blue eyes. When she was first born, I tried to sell her to the neighbors because I wanted a baby brother. As the years went by, Natalie aka Natty Bratty, became the missing puzzle piece in my life. Not only did she look like me, which was a plus since no one in my family looked like me at that point, but she worshiped the ground I walked on. She was the most beautiful baby in the whole world. People would stop my mom in the store and tell her how beautiful Natalie was. I was never jealous, I just would stand there grinning. I was very proud of my lil sis. She would watch "My Little Pony" in her crib for hours while my mom talked on the phone to her Avon customers; and when I got home from school, she was like a little puppy, she was always happy to see me. I taught her how to climb trees, and we played the game "thorn bush city." I taught her how to ride her bike, and how to roll her eyes. She is my greatest achievement. Today, she is an amazing woman. She is strong and sensitive. She knows how to fight back the tears on the bad days, and how to laugh when the whole world has gone to hell. She is the most beautiful dancer in the world. I always told her she wasn't a ballerina because she lacks the grace, but on the other hand, she is very talented at tap dancing. Her dance class did this whole routine with no music, all you could hear were the sounds of their tap shoes hitting the hard wood floor. It was amazing. Natalie will be something important, she just doesn't know it yet. Check out her page! www.aforgottensmile.blogspot.com

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