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18 January 2004

Fabulous Female #2

My best friend Elizabeth

Which Way??
For Elizabeth
The stairs looked to difficult for me to climb
I sat alone crying
with wind blowing in my face
voices muffled above me
loneliness is worse than death
a crisis evaluation signed got me days locked in
among the halls of white
I sat on the rough knitted carpet holding the phone wet with tears
and her sweet voice whispering, "it'll be ok"

Elizabeth & I met at my first college class, and her last college class at Miami. Neither of us expected to become friends. We come from complete opposites. She had a family. She was brilliant. She has this natural beauty about her. She is strong, and I was lost. She became one of my best friends, and even though she doesn't like the pressure, she is a huge part of my life line. Elizabeth is the type of friend you want to impress. She is the one that I want to have one day where I am not a failure. She is my inspiration. We have cried together, and laughed together. She knows all my secrets, and even still she hasn't abandoned me. Elizabeth is the person that I have to talk to at least every other day in order to survive. She knows what it is like to not want to get out of bed. She knows what it is like to be in utter fear. She has seen me in my deepest depression, when I cut all over my arms or legs, just to feel the pain. She has watched me pace back and forth humming and shaking with anxiety. And still, she is always there the next day. She listens to my poetry time after time, and she guides me when I am analyzing literature. She is my editor, my friend, my companion, and my hero. Elizabeth has survived those dark days of the winter, and she has battled the heat of panic. Her strength never fails to surprise me. She is the one I tell my dreams and the one that I tell my fears. She is definitely, definitely fabulous!!!

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