i Wish i Could Be On Time!

29 January 2004

Fabulous Female!
Carrie a.k.a. "ma"

She thinks the butt hut at school is bugged. She would joke and laugh about it all the time, and now I am totally paranoid. If I go in there by myself, I am looking over my shoulder. If I go in with friends, I watch who I am bitching about, because you never know…
I met Carrie in the butt hut. For the longest time I had no idea who she was, I just knew I loved her company. When I found out she was a professor, I immediately began looking into her classes. The first class I took with Carrie was called Assassinations in US History. Do I need to explain? The woman is amazing! She is a huge conspirator. She has officially convinced me that our government is insane and that they even watch me when I’m on the toilet. I took Carrie for two years (four semester altogether), and I didn’t need any of her classes! I now blame her for my being behind in my major. I began calling Carrie “ma” because she is like a mother figure to me. She is always there for me, no matter what. She gives me advice, and for the first time in my 23 years of life, I feel like I have unconditional love from someone. There are times in my life that I just want to tell Carrie how much she means to me, but sometimes words aren’t enough. Telling her how wonderful she is, and that I love her to death doesn’t always seem to be enough for me. Carrie is so humble, that she doesn’t realize how valued she is by all her students. Her classes are always jammed packed. In fact, I recall one semester when I got up at 8:30am just to get on Banner web to sign up for her class. I could go on forever about Carrie. I cold write a book telling all the amazing things she has done for me. But for now, I’ll just state the obvious: Carrie is definitely FABULOUS!!!!!

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