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24 January 2004

Fabulous Female
My best friend: Latasha

Latasha and I first met in Carrie’s history class. She was my partner for a project. I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. She is this little bitty thing, with perfect golden blonde hair, and big blues eyes, and the epitome of a tic-tac commercial smile. On top of all this: her wit and humor will have you addicted within minutes. We didn’t become friends right away, she saw me as this anxiety-ridden freak, and stayed clear for the first couple of months we knew each other; but over time, we became very close. Latasha is the gal I call when I just need someone to agree with me, because she is always on my side. I can tell her anything, and no matter what: she sides with me. (Even if I am at fault—which doesn’t happen often…) Latasha has seen me cry, and she has seen me laugh. If is often, that it is her which makes me see the world in a different light, which causes the bursts of laughter. We are both “cat moms” as she likes to say, and we share stories of our cat children together, and she always understands. Latasha is a neat freak, something in which I would kill to become. So whenever I am in the mood to clean, I’m almost always talking to Latasha while I’m cleaning, because she is directing me as to what I should clean next. She dresses to a ten, so I am always stealing fashion ideas from her and passing them off as my own original ideas, but she never complains. I have watched Latasha search and search for that perfect job, that she wanted & deserved, and now, she finally has achieved her dream…she is moving hours away to work with Phillip Morris. When she told me this I was like: “OMG, Tosh, I am smoking your paycheck!!” (She hates when I call her Tosh, but I still do it anyway.) But, I am so excited for her, even though she is moving forever away.  I know that Latasha and I will be friends for life. She is the one that I will see on Business Weekly for being some top CEO. She is amazing! She is definitely FABULOUS!!!!! Love you, girl!

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