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21 January 2004

Fabulous Female!!!
My big sister, Tiffany
I don't have to begin this post with, "I first met Tiffany..." In fact, I don't even know my life without my big sister. She has always been there for me. When I was little, and we first moved here from Flint, Michigan, Tiffany was like a mother to me. We would get up at some god awful hour in the morning because my mom had to catch the bus to go downtown, and Tiffany would get up and bundle me in a coat and we would go to my grandmother's house. She would then head off for a long day at school. I always knew Tiffany would be a mother. I am not a very religious person, but I do believe in "a calling." Tiffany's calling is definitely to be a mother! Her two children Gabrielle & Owen are the greatest kids! (And I am not saying that because I am their aunt.) There was a long time where my sister and I were not close, but due to my mother's insanity we have grown close again this past holiday. I had forgotten how wonderful my older sister is. She is very beautiful with her curly hair and fair skin. She is extremely intelligent, and to top it off, she is the most fabulous cook! The only time I have a real meal is at her house. Tiffany has the greatest personality. She is so excitable with her words. She is definitely a bubbly gal! Life has been rather difficult for Tiffany, but she always manages. She has this way of making lemonade out of lemons. (That is when the cooking comes in.) Being six years apart, (my sisters and I are all six years apart. Yea, tell me that wasn't planned) it is hard to bond with your siblings; but somehow, we have all managed to bond together. I love my two sisters so much, I couldn't even imagine my life without my sisters. It would be empty and confused. Tiffany, You're FABULOUS!!!

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