i Wish i Could Be On Time!

10 January 2004

Fairy friends for life...
I am sitting at my gay friend Eddie's house. I have realized that the only men I can officially trust are gay men, because they are the only men that are not a threat to me. Scott & I broke up, and I cried for a while, until I realized that it will just take me a few days to get over it and move on, especially since school is starting for me on Monday. I bought my books today and they cost nearly $300!! Why do universities think that college kids can afford this? Don't they understand we eat Ramen Noodles for dinner every night?
I have to admit, I miss Scott. I have spent probably 90% of the time bitching about him, but there was a lot of things he did for me. Who will read me Milton to put me to sleep? I miss that we "fit" together. He was just a little taller than me, and I could lay my head on his shoulder perfectly. Oh well...
I have also realized that since my grandmother is helping me with my bills, I am officially her "bitch." She constantly calls and yells at me for things that are essentially not really that important. i.e. wearing a hat in this "cold weather" as she says. Why spend 30 minutes yelling at me for something so trivial when I am royally fucking up every other aspect of my life?

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