i Wish i Could Be On Time!

25 January 2004

A few good reasons for snow:

1. If you suffer from dandruff, this is the time you will “fit in.”
2. The old farts that drive really, really, slow are the ones that are driving fast. Snaps to old geezers!!
3. If you are trying to parallel park, and you hit the car behind you, don’t fret, you’re just helping them get the ice and snow off their car with a little “push.”
4. The lines in the grocery parking lot are not visible, thus parking can be fun…
5. Everyone is so terrified of this “white death” that the mall is virtually empty, and you can get lots of good shopping done.
6. The infamous joke “don’t eat yellow snow” actually becomes funny for the time being.
7. A good cup of hot chocolate is yummy in your tummy.
8. Adorable ear muffs in fun colors like neon green and purple become the latest fashion statement.
9. No school! (Unless you’re like me and go to Miami University aka. the university that never, ever cancels class…)
10. If you run a red light you can say, “But officer, I really, really couldn’t stop!” & usually this works being that they almost hit your car trying to pull you over.

Stay warm!!!

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