i Wish i Could Be On Time!

01 January 2004

I figured now would be a good time to tell a bit about myself. It's the new year, and I feel "fresh" and I am in a fairly decent mood. Ok, let's see where do I begin? My name is not London. Yes, that seems like a good start. London is my pen name, because when I become a famous poet, I don't want my mother to sue me for telling all the family secrets so I changed my name. I live currently in the Dayton area, this is because I go to Miami University. I love school, I'm a dork, but not a big enough dork to actually get good grades. I'm average. I have two cats that are the pride and joy of my life. Suweh (this means Beautiful in Thai) and Satine (from Moulin Rouge.) I do have a boy toy as I like to refer to him, but I always keep my options open. If you know me, you know this is true. I currently have red hair, (this is known to change from time to time) and blue eyes. Enough of the boring crap. I am a poet, or at least try to be a poet. I love poetry. I live eat and breath poetry. It is my life. My favorite poets include Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and Allen Ginsberg. I also love to read. I am currently reading a book called Prozac Nation which I have been reading for a long time now (It's a long story.) Let me just say now: I know that the title of the book should be in bold or italics or something, but I am really horrible at this computer stuff...So please excuse that, I will have to ask Elizabeth to show me how to do it properly. Anyway, I have two sisters. Tiffany and Natalie. I am very close to Natalie. She is beautiful. Tiffany is married to Mike and has two kids, Gabrielle and Owen. My mother drives my insane, in fact it is safe to say I really don't like her (much). But, for all intents and purposes, she is my mother, blah, blah. My grandma and I are very close. She is basically my mother figure. I love her to death, but she drives everyone else crazy. I am like the only one who can deal with her. I have lots of people I call friends, but my closest friend is Elizabeth, who I do believe walks on water. She is amazing. She is incredibly intelligent, she never ceases to amaze me. My other close friends include Tarah who will be getting married to Ben in Feb. Tarah and I have been friends since high school. (more about her later...) Latasha and I are close as well. She just accepted a job a Philip Morris and will be moving soon. :( But I am proud of her. She dates a boy named Barry. We all love Barry. He is our Barry favorite. That is what we all say...My life is full of chaos. Some in which I create, some is just the universe plotting aganist me. But for now, at this moment I am happy...happy...happy...

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