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05 January 2004

I subscribe to this website and every day at 3 am (don't question the time, I used to and it made me crazy...um...) I get a new "word of the day." Keeps my mind fresh. When this word came to me the other day, I laughed out loud, ma would be proud... :)


Word of the Day for Sunday January 4, 2004

sycophant \SIK-uh-fuhnt\, noun:
A person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or
influence; a parasite; a toady.

The praise Oxford received as a poet may simply have issued
from the mouths of sycophants hungry for patronage.
--Howard Chua-Eoan and Helen Gibson, "The Bard's Beard?"
[1]Time, February 15, 1999

Friendship with the son and daughter-in-law of an
imprisoned Supreme Court justice afforded me a special
pipeline into high-level Ghanaian gossip about the alarming
psychological condition of the head of state, said
alternately to be suffering from delusions of grandeur fed
by sycophants or to be reduced to quivering agoraphobia
after the attempts on his life.
--David Levering Lewis, "Ghana, 1963," The American
Scholar, Winter 1999

Sycophant derives from Greek sukophantes, "an accuser
(especially a false accuser) or rogue," from sukon, "fig" +
phantes, "one who shows," from phainein, "to show."

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