i Wish i Could Be On Time!

05 January 2004

I try so hard...
I decided weeks ago that I would clean my apartment. So, a few days after Christmas, I used my x-mas cash and went shopping for cleaning supplies. So far I have accomplished nothing. But, I have spent the day obsessing over Scott, calling my friends and freaking out. I was under the assumption that he was dead. When he finally called me back, talking with a rough voice, he mumbled something about getting drunk the night before. Well, that is fucking fabulous!!! I am really glad that my boyfriend can spend his time getting drunk, instead of putting aside a few minutes to call his wonderful and funny girlfriend. (that would be me.) Why I let people control my life I have no idea. I had this long discussion with my older sister today about how my grandma controls me because of monetary reasons, i.e. she is paying my bills. So, I fuck up constantly, but at least I am consistent! :)

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