i Wish i Could Be On Time!

15 January 2004

Marvelous Men:
#1. The Hallmark Man
I realize I am surrounded by a lot of men in my life that are just as fabulous as women. Here I go with my new list. Also, I received a comment from an ex, and he brought to my attention that I had not yet discussed him in this blog. So, here I go. Hallmark Man was the most attractive man I have ever been with. He was intelligent and he was a bunny in bed. He is the man that will always have my heart, and he is the man that I would run to if he needed me. I miss him, but it is honestly better for us to not be a couple. We still have our little rendezvous ever once in a while. I just can't let go of him. This is not a problem, because I truly don't want to. I was proud of myself last night for not running to him. I could have: but I didn't. I knew it would be better for our "blankship" for us to not be together. But my teddy bear wasn't enough...

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