i Wish i Could Be On Time!

29 January 2004

My newest revelation:
I now know what it is like to be in Scott's world. I love my new job so far! Everybody has been very helpful, and while I'm not rolling in the dough yet, I think I will be soon. Scott used to say that being a bartender gave him a sense of confidence. He used to tell me how he loved his job and loved all the positive attention. I used to harp on him because I would say that is was a dead-end job, and the only reason people were always smiling was due to their intoxication. Whether it be the boos or the babes I can definitely see the attractiveness of working in a nite club. I love the fact that everyone is always laughing and having a good time. I love after waiting on a table seeing the monetary results. Even if it is not a big tip, I know that I earned that money on my own. I know that it is not like other jobs I have had where I left with this feeling of emptiness and guilt. I always struggled with myself: did I work hard enough? Was I good at my job? Do they like me? In this field, you know if you are not appreciated. This all my sound juvenile and maybe a little shallow, but it fills my spirit with joy, even if it only lasts for the night, I feel better about myself. Now I just have to learn how to juggle with the school thing...

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