i Wish i Could Be On Time!

30 January 2004

The new “dawg” in the ‘hood:
Let me tell ya ‘bout this bitch
Man, she thinks she is a-somethin’ else
But, I’ll say this: I’ll put up a fight for my bones, I’m a-tellin’ ya that
This bitch don’t give up that easy, my friend
Don’t you come up in here, expectin’ for me to roll down the red carpet and shit,
I’ll kick your tramp ass!
For real, uh huh.
Whatcha thinkin’
You be straight trippin’
You ain’t gonna fool me
Snoopin’ all up in my buz-niss
It ain’t easy like that
I’ll find some dirt on you
And we’ll call it straight,
You give up my bone…

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