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22 January 2004

One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed...
I stumbled upon this, check it out!

"When the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush president, five biased justices overruled the people of the United States and trampled on our principles of democracy. Now, an illegitimate president runs rampant, turning this country upside down.
Headlines: Bush Seeks to Promote Marriage to the Tune of $1.5 Billion ... Cheney Now Supports Ban on Same-Sex Marriage ... Bush Proposes Second-Class Status for Immigrants ... Bush Attempts to Paint Rosy Picture of Struggling Economy ... Plus, New Bushisms!
Piece by piece, Bush is tearing down the progress women and other disenfranchised groups have made over the last 35 years, ensuring that rich white males and giant corporations will rule the U.S. for generations to come.
Bush is: reversing women's rights here and abroad ... appointing right-wing radicals to powerful positions ... rewarding his rich supporters and turning a budget surplus into a multi-billion dollar deficit ... stacking the federal courts with ultra-conservative judges ... slashing funding for much-needed social programs ... gutting environmental regulations ... attacking affirmative action, Title IX and other civil rights legislation ... alienating the U.S. from nations worldwide and recklessly waging war in the Middle East ... and on, and on.
As long as Bush and his cronies continue demolishing our rights, TheTruthAboutGeorge.com will be here."

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