i Wish i Could Be On Time!

31 January 2004

To the Man I Once Loved and the Woman Who Haunts My Dreams
My dear and true love
It is you and I who share this remarkable knowledge of poetry
Your gentle kiss on the nape of my neck
And the soft touching of fingers will be greatly missed
It is you that gives me reason to continue writing
As I become not only a student of literature
But a student of the pen
It is your kind words that calls me to rise out of bed when the dawn comes
I fear I will always be alone in this room with unmarked pages and bare walls
I shall die by the hours of midnight with only the moon to miss me
I cannot believe all this time has passed
My only wish is for our love to begin again
Will I ever see you?
I miss your company
I have not a soul to journey among the pages of the novella with me
To share my deepest desires
Please call on me
For without you I cannot carry on in this harsh world
I do try
But I do not succeed among the students or the professors at the university
I need you to guide my way
Love for you will be always in my words
My dreams,
My entire life as it is…

London Kennedy

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