i Wish i Could Be On Time!

13 January 2004

A poem~> www.poetry.com


Oh mother, oh mother!
Dripping in gold.
With a heart full of heavy stones.
The three dolls are prancing about in frilly dresses.
They are holding hands in a Catholic prayer.
To the Virgin Mary, a mother.
Oh mommy, oh mommy!
You care only for your affairs.
See your smallest doll?
The one with the American face?
She cries in the night under her bedsheets.
Under her painted pink fingernails there is dried blood.
The same blood in which she cries.
The bloody tears burn her pale cheeks.
Oh mom oh mom!
You do not do, you chose not to.
You curled your hair with tins cans.
Leaving mine to fall in my eyes.
In the silk dress you wore that day you stood over me.
Gesticulating to your friends as you used their bony shoulders to cry upon.

London Elizabeth Kennedy

Copyright ©2004 London Elizabeth Kennedy

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