i Wish i Could Be On Time!

13 February 2004

Annihilation of the Tyrant
Beware daddy beware
Your hands cannot touch me now
My soul is lifeless as here I lie under the masses of clay and rock
My headstone is as cold as a schoolroom blackboard bearing not even my name
I have had to suicide daddy
The nightmarish whispers call upon me to often
Our secret our secret our secret
This time
The light
Was definite daddy
I followed
To a promise of safer worlds
A place where my innocence is untouched and my spirit is free
Soon the blackness of your filter will worm through and you will join the circle of hell
Where the fallen angels greet you among the blazing fire
And I will experience comfort once and for all
The booze in hell is bubbling just as did my blood whenever I had thoughts of your eyes
Time catches up to a person daddy
Even to boy scouts who know their pledge
Only this once you cannot escape the mouth of hell as it swallows you whole
No one can save you
This is your fate for all the cruelty you threw on my young body
Now you’ll feel empathetic to MY lifestyle
Vengeance is bliss
Beware daddy beware
London Kennedy

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