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10 February 2004

Ethnic Cleansing
There was once a time when the red ruled the earth
A time when Pangaea existed
The land separated as did the red
From this segregation came
The difference
When white ruled all
The rest would fall
When the womb was a place of pain
And the medicine man could not cure birth
When the clouds clashed together and the war began
It rained of sorrow for years to come and the mud seeped its way into homes and hearts
And all souls buried into stone
The bear grew weak and the deer lost beauty
The tree that once gave shade hung low
Their branches dusting the floor of the earth with sadness
Along came the power that colonized the people
Claiming separation is the answer
Euro-centric ideologies became the word
Where white is right
Where infantile thoughts are used to oppress human beings
When prayers become mainstream
They said but not heard
Where religious assimilation is forced
And even the gods’ judge
Where the constitution is outlawed to ones who do not look pure
Where Aryan eyes gleam with anger and hearts become black
Where the villagers enslave the human race
And poke and poke
Where education is a privilege
And language is unspoken
Where the leaders are damned
And the commoners are fucked
London Kennedy

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