i Wish i Could Be On Time!

08 February 2004

Fabulous Female!!!
My girl, April
My girlie, April, is a wonderful and strong woman. Even though she won’t like me saying all this person information about her, I going to gossip anyway, ‘cause my peeps gotta know!! Anyway, April is a mother of two little boys (Matthew and Brandon) and one stepson, Freddy. April and her husband, Brian have been together for I think like nine years. April works a full work week (40 hrs+), goes to Miami University with me, and is a wife and mother. She is so strong, I seriously can’t figure out how she keeps it all together. I am a generally weak person, either tearing up or ready to slit my wrists, while April juggles all these different jobs and still has time to keep a smile on her face. We met in one of ma’s classes, I sat next to her because she looked responsible, and I definitely picked a good seat! See, the class began at 8:05am, and by reading this page you ought to know I am NOT the “early to rise” kind of gal. Due to this “personal flaw” of mine, April would call me every morning to make sure I made it to class. I don’t know how I would have made it without her! Not only was she my personal alarm, she was also my personal study buddy. She would drive 45 minutes to meet with me and help me cram for exams claming that helping me cram helped her study as well, not sure about this philosophy…she is a wonderful friend. She is the perfect combo of always being on my side and playing the devil’s advocate when necessary to teach me a lesson. April is definitely, definitely fabulous!!!! PS~> Happy Birthday April!!!

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