i Wish i Could Be On Time!

12 February 2004

Tequila Rosie Sex
Last night in the midst of happy drunken madness I danced to “I’m a Joker” by Steve Miller Band and held the one man I will always love in my arms. He is suave and most definitely one of my biggest mistakes. I have been pinioning after for years. Hallmark Man is the finest card I’ve ever read. So, after the consumption of one too many alcoholic beverages, I left the blues club with him on my arm (actually it was more like he was carrying me to the car). I realized that a woman comes to the conclusion that it is rather depressing coming home to two cats and no messages on the answering machine. I know that Hallmark Man is not the answer to my loneliness, but one night with him sure makes me feel at least an 8 or so; for the time being anyway. If I could mix my lives together, I’d have the perfect house with a writing job during the day, a night club job in the evening, a man that is my companion and lover. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. So I will deal with one life at a time, now it’s time for that god-awful Brit. Lit. Class…yawn…..

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