i Wish i Could Be On Time!

11 February 2004

To Dr Kelli Johnson, my mentor & my hero
Cradled Tears
I saw La Llorona once
But not as a spirit or a ghostly figure
I saw her in the eyes of a woman who wept with me as I claimed my destiny
My life that I live day after day for others
If not to live for people I would not live at all
I saw La Llorona once
But not in her usual form
She wept human tears clear and precise
They fell from her sad eyes into the palm of my hand
I cried too, but my tears were captured
I saw La Llorona once
Sitting in a wooden chair beside me
As a human a mother a wife a professor a mentor a hero
She wanted to reach out to me and hold me but she withdrew from that closeness
She yearned to tell me that life by the water was safe
I saw La Llorona once
She became a part of me
She cried oh
She wept for the pain
She did not want to let me go alone
I saw La Llorona once
She took my hand in hers and gave me all the love she could give
She read me poems of strength
She exposed me to new life and whispered to me tell your story even though it has been told a thousand times because your story is unique
She taught me that weeping was a part of the pain but the pain is part of love and love is a part of life
I saw La Llorona once
London Kennedy

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