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13 February 2004

Triumphal Heat As seen on Amazon.com
In this brilliant film about the life and death of one of America’s most poignant poets, Sylvia Plath, the film takes a turn and looks at the triumph of suicide. In today’s society suicide is often labeled with negative conations; but to poet Sylvia Plath, her death was a success. Sylvia Plath suffered with mental illness for years and as the days continued for her, daily life was harder to face. Death to her was salvation. Sylvia took her own life to save the lives of her children. For people to understand this concept, they must understand the destruction of a mental illness. By using her poetry this film tells the story of Sylvia’s life. The film is an excellent depiction of the life of Sylvia Plath. Not only does this film brilliantly show her life, but it also looks deep inside the heartache of psychological sickness. This film shows the oppressiveness of Sylvia Plath’s most important companion, Ted Hughes. The film illustrates Ted Hughes as a man who was filled with broken promises, which is a beautiful representation of the truth that is often not explained to followers of Sylvia Plath. This film is a story that should been seen and discussed especially by those who suffer mental illness. The film makes a person wonder about their own lives, yet at the same time gives a bit of hope and the strength to continue. London Kennedy

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