i Wish i Could Be On Time!

02 March 2004

i had to write this all down then it would become real for other people
the voices in my thoughts are all scrambled together his mine my sisters
and even my mommys is lurking somewhere in the distance i can't sleep
again everytime i close my eyes he is standing over me watching me like it
is better for him to wake me up i can feel his hands i try to push them
away but they always come back i cannot get rid of his evilness that
surrounds me when i look in the mirror it is his face i see the same
bright blue eyes i cry out for my mommy but she doesnt come in my daydream
he came to say goodbye but ill never be rid of him he will taunt me
forever i fear the only way i have out is to escape but im scared i dont
want to die i am too scared of that no one comes and helps me after my
nightmares i sit here crying out my computer i dont know what to do i want
to get a good nights rest but i cant i am so scared he will come its been
years why am i not better i dont comprehend all this i swear he is
standing behind me now i have gone crazy paranoid i see his face in every
man i know those eyes i cannot trust they follow me everywhere

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