i Wish i Could Be On Time!

18 March 2004

Monetary Values
This morning I was watching Regis and Kelly on T.V. Kelly is probably the most self-absorbed woman I have ever seen! And what to do with poor aging Regis who doesn’t know up from down. Their guest was Jon Bon Jovi who I have had a personal attachment to since as long as I can remember. Until about 9:30am, that is. “I didn’t have to go to college because I was already making money from my records at age twenty” Jon Bon Jovi. He said this as he flipped his hair this way and that which made me hate him even more. What a comment. Now, education is comparable to socio-economic standards? Bullshit. What about going to college just for the pure and simple fact of heightening your education? Furthermore, I am majoring in Literature & Creative Writing, and I know I’ll be a waitress until the day I die, or I am finally discovered which ever comes first. I am not in school for a higher class, or more money. I will most difinately leave my university in debt, but I will have a smile in my face and I will be the most liked person at cocktail parties due to my education. Thanks, Miami University!

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