i Wish i Could Be On Time!

09 March 2004

The people you love most are the ones you always hurt
I let her down…maybe, or perhaps I’ve just really pissed her off. Now, I have to fill out a questionnaire about the whole damn thing! I feel like utter shit. I absolutely love and respect this woman! I don’t know what to do. Ma says to let it go, April says that I should just deal with it, and Chelsie says to write a letter. But I’ve done that before! I complained to her when she suggested. I look up to her so much, and now she feels as if she failed, when in truth it was me that failed her. I am her student, and I should be grateful for the wonderful education that she gives me; instead, I complained that she wasn’t pushing hard enough, now we’re both fucked. Me because I have realized what a spoiled brat I am, and her because she feels terrible about herself and I am mainly responsible for those feelings. I also have realized how horrible I feel…

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