i Wish i Could Be On Time!

12 March 2004

Thank God Almighty I'm A Free At Last!!!
Ok, it may be a bit dramatic, but it is so true! I have never felt to liberated in my entire life! Today, well actually yesterday I sat down and wrote. I wrote something so beautiful it made me cry. Not beautiful because of content, but beautiful because of truth. I wrote about something (gulp) that I have never written about before; I wrote about being a victim of child sexual abuse. I wrote about what I have become as a result. Then I did something amazing. I took it to my therapist and made her read it, and afterwards I made her run it through the shredder. So, at least its been said. My feelings, my nightmares; now I will have to deal with how to begin to live a semi-normal life. I will have to run from the nightmares, the bad thoughts and go on...shit, I'm scared...

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