i Wish i Could Be On Time!

09 April 2004

I haven’t written as prose lately, so here goes. I was taking a lovely mid-afternoon nap when Robbie, the neighbor’s boy who visits on the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month (thank god for little things) woke me up bouncing his basketball; while Rick-who is not by the way-the baby’s daddy chased after him, a cigarette hanging off his lips and his beer belly mutt slowly trudging along behind him, screaming, “boy, you get back here! Ya hear me! Boy, I’ll whoop your ass!” Groaning, I rolled over and glared out my window watching the chase and secretly praying that the kid wouldn’t get caught, all the while thinking that if that goddamn ball crashed through my window and ended up in bed with me, I’ll be the one chasing the little brat next. This is the price you pay for being poor: living in gingerbread houses that may look semi-decent, but also fully knowing that the frosting is stale, the walls are thin and if you open the door to the house, it’s empty inside…

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