i Wish i Could Be On Time!

08 April 2004

I shall memorize the way you feel in my arms at this very moment
The way your face feels cradled in my hands
and how your breath tickles my fingertips as I softly caress your lips
The way your shoulders rise and fall with each gasp
because even we know this is the only moment in time we’ll ever share
Tomorrow I will go back to being me and you will go back to being you
and all we will have is the memories of this day
the day when I said I love you
and you replied back as tears welled up in your bright eyes
and I gathered them one by one in my mouth as we kissed
knowing it would be our first and last
you pulled me close to your beating heart
and I wanted to die in the minute that would only last for its allowed time
because this time life would go back to routine
and I’ll go back to being me and you’ll go back to being you
and we’ll glace at each other from across the room
and think back to the one time when we shared everything we have hidden in our souls and we’ll pretend we are someone we’re not
London Kennedy

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