i Wish i Could Be On Time!

30 April 2004

life 101
i guess i should write my life 101...one of my favorite professors has cancer, and today as i sat in her office trying to hold the tears back, she tells me "that if all goes well and my heath doesn't go to shit, i'll be here in the fall." gulp...fucking gulp...why is it that all of the good people are the ones that suffer? i guess that is how the world works. last night at work, my precious beautiful boy played. god, he is soooo adorable! i swear i'm gonna marry him! note: it's ok to dream.
exams are next week, and i am not focused as i should be. two of them are english exams, and i am not too concerned with those, except for dr. j's. which by the way she is still not speaking to me after the whole "i'm not your friend, mother, or therapist" lecture which happened monday afternoon. oh well. i miss her, and i want to talk to her, but everyone tells me that time will help best. the thing that is so hard is that she slammed the door in my face, i mean she literally knocked me over! and everyone knows to not slam the door in crazy peoples face! (right, you all should know that at least...) i hate this living day-by-day shit. i like spontaneity and excitement, and right now everything is so ordinary. i go to school, to work, research, write papers, etc...la, la, fucking la...

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