i Wish i Could Be On Time!

16 April 2004

This is what I’ve learned

I am a woman with breasts and a full mind
I am a child with a fragile heart and wild eyes
I am a human
White black red
My body is untamed like a cotton sheet hanging on a clothesline
I am a Catholic
I was a Catholic
I’m not sure who Jesus is
I am a student with blisters of pride on my hands from my pen and weary eyes from reading and turning page after page
I am a writer with verses flowing off my tongue rich with aroma and characters spinning in my thoughts
I am a reader with darting eyes
And a conversation always ready
I am a daughter
Part of him and her
Not liking either of them
I am a sister who laughs under the blankets and shares secrets over bread and cheese
I am the poor maiden who is selling roses
“Two for the price of one”
On the corner by the loose newspapers that fly around me like birds
I am a lover crying over him
And sometimes even her -
Sleeping unconditionally with my past
I am a cat
Cunning, hungry
Seeing only in the darkness
I am a lion with anger and a tail that could cut the clouds
I am a circle without a point and my words will carry on for generations
I am a square
And miserably ordinary
London Kennedy

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