i Wish i Could Be On Time!

23 April 2004

well it looks like this blog thing is turning out to be a weekend job. life on the home front is less than entertaining. the spring semester is wrapping up to an end (thank you god) & i have had one project and paper due right after another. next week i have a huge paper due for my brit. lit class that i have been researching on for weeks. but i am very excited about it. (yes, i'm a geek). after that it's time for (gulp) exams. i am hoping to get decent grades this semester. i know i am good in three of my classes, but i am concerned with my geology class (anyone want to tutor me? yea, didn't think so, i don't blame you...) the last exam was really difficult. the class average was only a 73% so you can imagine how i did...not too great. :( hope all of you are doing well, you seem to be according to your blogs. i can't wait for summer when i have more time on my hands to really sit down and write...oh wait, i forgot i will be taking summer classes!again, the geek thing... i can't wait to graduate! only 100 more years to go! how'd you do it chris???

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