i Wish i Could Be On Time!

22 May 2004

I have a whole slew of shit to tell you all…
It’s funny how life can change by the minute. Within 60 seconds, one aspect of your life can change so dramatically that it leaves your head spinning. This is how the past week or so has been. I began taking my classes at Oxford (main campus). I was a nervous wreck! The first day was Monday, and I was so sure after my class that I was going to drop out of college and forget the whole fucking thing. Costs too much money anyway. But, after Wednesday’s class, I was reassured that there are in fact some intellectual students at Miami University. I re-read the novel My Antonia by Willa Cather. It was the third time reading, first in 8th grade, then in 10th grade, followed by my 4th year at Miami. I hated it even more this time. Class discussion is so utterly intriguing that when our professor Ken bids us goodbye, I just look around excited and dumbfounded. So far, this class is interesting. Ask me about it in a few weeks…I lost my job at the blues club, which is ironic because I was sitting and talking to one boss about quitting when the other boss casually walks in to inform me I was fired. Oh, I’m sorry, “let go.” That sounds so much better, right? Excuse me, is there a difference?! Well, anyway, business at the club has been slow, slow, slow. I was typically going home at like 11PM on most Friday nights with a whooping $45 dollars in my pocket. Because I was the last part-time employee, it was my time to say farewell. Yeah, no qualms about loosing this job…except that I don’t have another one. The road of unemployment is always there for me. Gotta love consistency! At least now I don’t have to bother with idiot people, and booze, and bad moods or heavy make-up. The pores on my face are singing gleefully now that they have had some air. Lastly, I finally met him! You know, that man I have been searching for; the one who has been lost. Yea, you remember. He is wonderful. So wonderful in fact that it scares me. I am waiting for him to beat me or scream at me at some point, but he just looks at me and tells me I am beautiful instead. He’s surreal. I need to touch him to make sure he is not some figment of my imagination. He is from Germany and attends UC. Shut up, they gave him an offer. So while teaching German at the university, he is finishing up his Master’s program which he will complete this August, and beginning in the fall he will stat his PhD program, in (get this) literature. Wow! On top of his brilliant mind, his artistic abilities are breathtaking. He is a concert pianist. You should hear the dude bang Mozart on the piano. We have a lot in common as far as the important stuff: politics, religion, literature, and art. And since he is so new to the states (he has only been here for nine months) I feel like I am living all over again. For example, the other night we had Graeter’s ice cream in which he responded, “oh, good. This is good!” He has made me begin to appreciate things in a new way. I’ll keep you updated. Love, London

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