i Wish i Could Be On Time!

14 June 2004

Hello everybody! How is ya?! I is fine! Ok, enough of that hillbilly bullshit...how is everyone doing these days? This weekend was pretty good for me. I haven't done much writing, but I did do a bit of research for a few poem ideas I have; (more on that later). Well, I saw my darling lil' Latasha on Saturday. She is looking great, and rolling in the dough with Philip Morris. (I hate her!) We just hung around the house and played with her mom's newest addition to the family...a little mitten-kitten called Gracelin. He is too cute for words! Then Saturday night I saw Wolf. He came to my very messy apartment, at which I was sure he would never talk to me again, but he called me this evening, so I'm still a prime candidate! We read some of my poems, and discussed photography. Yea, we are such dorks! But it is really nice to find someone in which I share common interests. Today, I worked the new job, and I think I am catching on at a good speed. I hope to be finished with training mid-week. That will be good since my tab is getting higher and higher at the corner carry-out store! Not to mention my bills are piling up! Ok, everyone remember to sign the guest map! Have a great Monday!

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