i Wish i Could Be On Time!

29 June 2004

I decided it was about time to dye my hair when my newest gal-pal Jillian commented to me that she "never knew I had blonde hair and that she had always imagined me with dark hair." I was pleased with this for the following reasons: I'm glad that someone could imagine me with only dark hair because that was the whole idea, to change. Also, I knew it was time for me to color my hair again, but I never got around to it for many reasons I won't go into at this time, but let's just say I was fully award of the blonde hair creeping it's way back; I just needed an excuse to spend the extra money on myself. So in between dyeing my roots and covering my whole head with dye, I thought I'd see if grades were posted for my summer class. Well, you're looking at an "A" student, according to my professor Ken anyway. Hey, it's be a delightful night, my hair looks great, smelling this lovely fruity scent, and I got an "A" in my first Oxford class! :) Shit oh dear, Kathy would be so proud...I think I'll go burn one for her. She'd appreciate that...

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