i Wish i Could Be On Time!

24 June 2004

I hate today and I'd like to exchange for another one...
I feel so violated. Today, as Wolf and I strolled along the river, (well truthfully I was rollerblading and he was speed walking), some ass broke into the car and stole my precious Vera Bradley purse! I was so fucking pissed! We call the police, and searched along the banks of the river for hours. All I have found in a few scrapes and that I am allergic to whatever is by the river because my nose keeps running; but no purse! I lost my planner and now fell utterly lost without, the sterling silver Cross pen my mom gave me, along with a Vera Bradley wallet, with my driver's license, insurance cards, student i.d. etc...not to mention my favorite good luck charm. A jade stone with a bear in it that I have had since I was 17. Here's an important note: Jillian, please, please email me at londonkennedy31@excite.com. I lost your number which you had wanted to write down for me, but in my stubbornness I refused and wrote it in my planner, and now some crack head is walking around in style! So, email me with your digits so we can get together as planned! :)

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