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28 June 2004

Louisville Rolls!
So if a person would say that something rocks, then this means that something is awesome, right? But, if a person would say something rolls, then that something is bad, right? Hmmm… I thought I’d just try it on for size, I’m not sure it fits. I don’t like it. Ok, let me begin again, Louisville sucks! Bad! This is why:
#1 It’s the most boring drive ever
#2 There is nothing to do in the city
#3 Gas is ever higher there right now than in Cincinnati and it’s all the way out in the fucking boonies! WTF?!
Wolfe decides that he wants to go a new place every weekend. Ok, I can do that, so long as I can drive (that way I’m in control, not only with the speed, but the music), and he lets me do anything I want. So far, so good. Last weekend we went to Indianapolis. We had a blast! This weekend, he says, “let’s go to Kentucky.” Why I don’t know, but we did anyway. The city of Louisville was dull, but they do have this really neat river walk thingy that was fun. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack, which Wolfe thought it said Joe’s Snack Shack, and he really didn’t want to stay, but I was dying for some crab! It was a mistake. Too expensive, and it wasn’t so great. We walked around for a few hours, took some pictures and we went to this park called “The Falls of Ohio” which was anything but beautiful. I’m sick of seeing rivers, my heart is crying for the ocean. Wolfe tells me that we can go to Salem, Massachusetts mid-August before I begin my fall semester. I made him read Arthur Miller’s The Crucible before we even discussed Salem. So he did, and loved the book, now we’ve been planning a trip. This has been my dream ever since grade school when I read the play and was convinced I was a witch and could put spells on people. (I was never very good; but, it terrified all the catholic school girls anyway so it was good for a laugh at the time). Tomorrow I will take Wolfe to the airport. He’s going home to Germany for two weeks. I’m going to miss him so much! My life has pathetically centered on Ken’s class, reading, Bob Evans, and Wolfe. Everything is so normal and ordinary it scares me. Every day the same as the last. I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening, Ma said she’d come see Michael Moore’s movie with me. I hope she can. I’ve been dying to see it! Plus, it will be great to spend some time with Ma. I miss her terribly…

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