i Wish i Could Be On Time!

02 June 2004

The Matron
I’ve seen her eyes destroyed by fear
Starving for normality
Dragging worries through the stairway
Up to the nursery
Where the babe sleeps for seven hours if she’s lucky
And the wind blows through the mint green curtains
Whispering highs that never seem to calm
Nightmarish dizzy sounds float from the floorboards
Speaking of yesterday’s past
Where daddy would come
And suicide turns into a prayer
Because death seems better
Than living with a bug in your ear
That hums
And drums
Chanting the wrong answers
Life resides in the walls
That cries along with you
As the room spins
Becoming addictive day after day
While they all sleep
Not knowing what is happening
I do.

The Maid
What is this snake that wraps around your dreams?
Hissing unhelpful secrets
Books become useless
Their voices only a bother
Pens are only good for making scars
That will remind you of the classroom
Where the seats are hard to sit in
And the teacher goes la, la, la
While they all point and stare and your old tennis shoes
Who cares about the shoelaces that are worn?
Universities will even judge your image
And your paperwork that holds you to be only a number
Only a waste of time
Taking up desk space
That could be used by elite BMW drivers
That throws plastic cards out the window for Starbuck’s coffee
With extra whipped cream
Grande please they giggle
As they drive off with the sunset following behind

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