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25 July 2004

Drop the anchor …I’m back at Bob’s
My friend April was accepted to the nursing program at Miami University, so we decided to celebrate. (I picked the restaurant of course). So there we are sitting at Bahama Breeze, (a very popular restaurant close to where I live), and I encountered one of the most difficult tests of my life. Sure, it sounds easy to some, but for me it was very difficult to not give in to temptation. One of the servers named James, who was not our server for the evening by the way, comes up to the table just to tell me how beautiful I was, or am, whatever; you get my drift. This was hard for a number of reasons. First of all, I have never had anyone tell me that in my life, but most important, this brief encounter has tested my relationship with Wolfe. I have a huge commitment phobia. I want a relationship, at first, but then once I have it, I want it to go away. Too much responsibility for me, you know? So with my thoughts pushing me one way, I told James (the server) thank you, and did not give him my number. April was so proud. I love Wolfe; I have to just keep telling myself that. After dinner April and I decided to go see the newest Blockbuster hit “Anchorman.” It was terrible! No, really. Terrible. I always told myself I would never become one of those uppity grown-ups that couldn’t find laughter from men getting their arms cut off, now look at what I’ve become! I can’t even laugh at the fighting or bad jokes anymore! What will happen next? Moral of the story, don’t see the movie, it sucks. Spend the $9 on something better, like, um, your mom or cat. Friday night I went back to work at Bob’s. I guess I am spoiled or something because I wanted a welcome back party. All I got was the back of the smoking section and a lousily $27. Tonight was much better. Everybody that is anybody at Bob Evans was working, we all had a blast. My little niece is going away to summer camp, and I’m so jealous. Is that wrong?

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