i Wish i Could Be On Time!

21 September 2004

I have been sick and dying. It's funny how one minute you are feeling wonderful, and then the next BAM! you feel like shit. That is how it happened to me. Wolfe and I were eating out on Saturday and all of a sudden, this feverish black cloud stopped over me. And that was it, I've been sick ever since. My gram and mother say I get sick all the time because I don't eat well. I say I just have bad karma. Wolfe says it's because I don't drink enough water. I say I just have bad karma. I don't even remember how I got to school today. Seriously. My mind is floating and I swear if I blow my nose one more time brains are going to fall out, and lord knows, I don't need any of that. Plus, a friend of mine just got a deal with a publisher for a book of poetry. I'm so freaking jealous! I tried to be supportive and offered my help, but inside I am fuming. I wish it were me. Maybe I'm just too damn lazy...

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