i Wish i Could Be On Time!

28 October 2004

I'm still working on this one...


Allow me to tell you a story
Of the ones who have remained quiet for he
Let me tell you a tale
About all the sisters who have failed
Been pushed down
Deep into the ground
While you stomp on their wombs
And piss on their tombs
And you can look at honest Abe
Knowing he worked dozens of babes
Beaten and bruised
Told they were ignorant and used
Sold for a handful of dimes
Fuck you she was mine
Drop the ladle
Rock the cradle
She was you know your great grandma to be
And they just auctioned her for a small fee
women in Mexico who make you toys
That penetrate and give you joys
Crafted with colored hands
So that you can
Moan with delight
‘cause your sorry ass couldn’t get a date that night
and these breasts
this one and a that one licked during incest
are your granddaughters your sons
your fucking family tree all as one
locked up in a house
trapped in 50’s suburbia your louse
the present box
white picketed fences that lock
she made you an all American apple pie
and yet you couldn’t even look into her eyes?
Wiping asses of tiny babies
spit out barefoot in the kitchen while searching for the key
To get the hell out of your Barbie doll, Martha Stewart world
Arranging flowers later you would hurl
Across the room as you smack her face
Boys you can’t erase
Her words I have found
Looping dry ink full of sound
Shut away for thirty years in an asylum
Her mind forced to live—live numb
Oh what fun you had with her
Hell no I won’t call you sir
And I won’t iron your shirt
It was she who will not let you hurt
Me in today’s society
Oh wait—whatcha say now I see
How it is—how you think it’s gonna be
We’re not jumping back
This is a fact
You think you’re about to take what is mine
My body can’t be signed on a dotted line
All the parts you think you own
Hell, this time I’m not even on loan

25 October 2004

Sadly, I have nothing too interesting to write about this time. Usually my life is filled with drama, but this weekend was blah. I stayed in on Friday night, enjoyed hanging out with my kitty cats & on Saturday I caught up with my sisters and mother on the phone, then went to Wolfe's house. We played the game of LIFE and had a good time, especially since I won! :) Sunday I went to visit my gram and Wolfe finally met a family member. I was a nervous wreck, but they got along really well. My gram took us to this pig roast and Wolfe had his first hayride; which would have been enjoyable if not for all the kids. I thought about throwing one overboard, but decided against it. I just kept thinking about this episode of Sex and the City when Samantha turned to her friends at lunch, replying to Charlotte's comment of "Samantha, there are children," and shrugged and said, "well...that's their choice." I made a decision--no kids!!!

20 October 2004

The Land of No Woman

Recently, I've be praying to god. I've been praying and thanking god for two reasons: #1 I have been thanking god I am not a man, and #2 I have been thanking god I am not a full-fledged lesbian. Why? Because women are bitches!!! This can be a very good thing, being a bitch, but in some cases, being a bitch is a very, very bad thing. Take my friend, Angie, for example. Last Wednesday night, when I got locked out of my apartment and I called her for help she said she couldn't help me because she had "no where to put me" in her house, (which she still lives with mommy and daddy complete with I think three bedrooms - all occupied of course, but one could consider the couch or at the very least the fucking garage - it would have been a hell of a lot safer than where I was at the moment which was 2nd and Village street in downtown Hamilton). Now, Angie "the bad bitch" has phoned me just to tell me I am a bad person and all she has ever done in our friendship is give and give, and me? Nothing. Yup, I have done nothing for our friendship. When I called her back to try to talk things out like two civil adults, she hung up on me; refusing to discuss the details of the events that have led up to this moment of name-calling.
I have decided a few things from all of this. I have decided that women are bitches (as stated before), and that the few women friends I do have are keepers - they are true women, strong, courageous, and real feminists. Not the kind that claim to be feminists (ahem...Angie) and say that they'll do anything to help another women, but real feminists that not only say, but do for other women. I think it is important for women to stick together, and to remember not to put anything before our friendships. So, if any of you out there get locked out of your home, no matter what time, you know who to call...I'll be there because I try to be a REAL friend...

18 October 2004

Dear Hoot,
When I was in the 6th grade, my class went to Camp Kern. It was probably one of the best things about St. Gertrude Catholic Grade School. For three days, we were kids. We got muddy, ate food without guilt, and only prayed when necessary. It was complete bliss. One activity that the camp counselors had us kids do was called "Dear Hoot." Dear Hoot, was when we could ask this stuffed owl anything we wanted to know, like why was the sky blue, things of that nature. So anyway, nostalgia coming back: Dear Hoot, what do you do when your boyfriend and best friend don't get along? Wolfe met Latasha. Latasha met Wolfe. Things weren't pretty. Ahhhh!!!! :s

11 October 2004

my vagina is closed
her hours of a-
are from 9 am to 5 pm sharp
it don’t matter if there was a wreck
cause after 5 pm
my vagina is closed
so don’t come strollin on in
thinking you will get whatchu want
cause my vagina is not in business after five
my vagina does not work during holidays
including Presidents day, Columbus day
and all those others
cause if the men get a day off
so does my vagina

my vagina is closed
it don’t matter if you’re black or white
cause my vagina
un huh,
you got it boys
she’s a-closed
and no she does not work
on Sundays
cause if the big man upstairs gets 24 hours
of rest
so does she

my vagina is closed
on rainy days
cloudy days
days where there is 2 feet
or more
of snow
cause my vagina will be closed
even if there is a tornado
or a her-hurricane
my vagina will still be closed
sorry, you just missed her

Therefore, don’t you come
strollin’ down the way
with your little 3 inch
pull and a scratchin’
tootsie-roll lookin’
for an itch
cause my vagina
will send you rollin’ the other way

my vagina is c-l-o-o-o-s-e-d
and she’ll just send you
round the bend
to the girl you thought you was a-lookin’ for
in the first place
that fuck for a buck special
cause my vagina ain’t no special
there are no exceptions
my vagina is closed
after 5 pm

by: london kennedy

01 October 2004

I just finish Mrs. Dalloway, and I've got something to say. Never let one day slip by without saying you love your sisters. So, right now I'm going to take the time to tell all my sisters I love them. You are my friends, my family, my life's circle. Why is our world afraid of touch? Why do I get labeled because I hug another female? What is wrong with showing affection? As women, we have a very special bond. We need to stick together, educate ourselves about our past sisters in order to have peace within ourselves and our current sisterhood(s). I feel it is imperative to show love to one another. It is just as important to show gratitude to our sisters and friends. I thank you, my friends and sisters, for being a part of my life!

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