i Wish i Could Be On Time!

28 October 2004

I'm still working on this one...


Allow me to tell you a story
Of the ones who have remained quiet for he
Let me tell you a tale
About all the sisters who have failed
Been pushed down
Deep into the ground
While you stomp on their wombs
And piss on their tombs
And you can look at honest Abe
Knowing he worked dozens of babes
Beaten and bruised
Told they were ignorant and used
Sold for a handful of dimes
Fuck you she was mine
Drop the ladle
Rock the cradle
She was you know your great grandma to be
And they just auctioned her for a small fee
women in Mexico who make you toys
That penetrate and give you joys
Crafted with colored hands
So that you can
Moan with delight
‘cause your sorry ass couldn’t get a date that night
and these breasts
this one and a that one licked during incest
are your granddaughters your sons
your fucking family tree all as one
locked up in a house
trapped in 50’s suburbia your louse
the present box
white picketed fences that lock
she made you an all American apple pie
and yet you couldn’t even look into her eyes?
Wiping asses of tiny babies
spit out barefoot in the kitchen while searching for the key
To get the hell out of your Barbie doll, Martha Stewart world
Arranging flowers later you would hurl
Across the room as you smack her face
Boys you can’t erase
Her words I have found
Looping dry ink full of sound
Shut away for thirty years in an asylum
Her mind forced to live—live numb
Oh what fun you had with her
Hell no I won’t call you sir
And I won’t iron your shirt
It was she who will not let you hurt
Me in today’s society
Oh wait—whatcha say now I see
How it is—how you think it’s gonna be
We’re not jumping back
This is a fact
You think you’re about to take what is mine
My body can’t be signed on a dotted line
All the parts you think you own
Hell, this time I’m not even on loan

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