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20 October 2004

The Land of No Woman

Recently, I've be praying to god. I've been praying and thanking god for two reasons: #1 I have been thanking god I am not a man, and #2 I have been thanking god I am not a full-fledged lesbian. Why? Because women are bitches!!! This can be a very good thing, being a bitch, but in some cases, being a bitch is a very, very bad thing. Take my friend, Angie, for example. Last Wednesday night, when I got locked out of my apartment and I called her for help she said she couldn't help me because she had "no where to put me" in her house, (which she still lives with mommy and daddy complete with I think three bedrooms - all occupied of course, but one could consider the couch or at the very least the fucking garage - it would have been a hell of a lot safer than where I was at the moment which was 2nd and Village street in downtown Hamilton). Now, Angie "the bad bitch" has phoned me just to tell me I am a bad person and all she has ever done in our friendship is give and give, and me? Nothing. Yup, I have done nothing for our friendship. When I called her back to try to talk things out like two civil adults, she hung up on me; refusing to discuss the details of the events that have led up to this moment of name-calling.
I have decided a few things from all of this. I have decided that women are bitches (as stated before), and that the few women friends I do have are keepers - they are true women, strong, courageous, and real feminists. Not the kind that claim to be feminists (ahem...Angie) and say that they'll do anything to help another women, but real feminists that not only say, but do for other women. I think it is important for women to stick together, and to remember not to put anything before our friendships. So, if any of you out there get locked out of your home, no matter what time, you know who to call...I'll be there because I try to be a REAL friend...

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