i Wish i Could Be On Time!

25 October 2004

Sadly, I have nothing too interesting to write about this time. Usually my life is filled with drama, but this weekend was blah. I stayed in on Friday night, enjoyed hanging out with my kitty cats & on Saturday I caught up with my sisters and mother on the phone, then went to Wolfe's house. We played the game of LIFE and had a good time, especially since I won! :) Sunday I went to visit my gram and Wolfe finally met a family member. I was a nervous wreck, but they got along really well. My gram took us to this pig roast and Wolfe had his first hayride; which would have been enjoyable if not for all the kids. I thought about throwing one overboard, but decided against it. I just kept thinking about this episode of Sex and the City when Samantha turned to her friends at lunch, replying to Charlotte's comment of "Samantha, there are children," and shrugged and said, "well...that's their choice." I made a decision--no kids!!!

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