i Wish i Could Be On Time!

18 November 2004

It seems as though I have been here before. Every year, around this time. I hate the transition from fall to winter. Once it gets cold and sticks, I'm fine, it's just the time in between. The air still breathes warmth yet the clouds gather and block the sun. I'm sick...again. I've had this stomach flu thing. No fun. I have spent the past 5 days in and out of bed, barely eating, and very achy. At least the vomiting and fever has stopped. I always get sick at the wrong times. This week alone, I've missed an exam, a lecture for work, three days of work and 3 1/2 days of classes. Well, at least today I made it to Spanish. Late. Nevertheless, I was there, although I don't remember too much. I've been sleeping so much. Now my eyes hurt from sleeping and my stomach is growling for food, but if I eat...well...I'm not going to draw a picture. I will be so incredibly happy when this semester is over. It has been the hardest semester ever. I thought this independent study would be my easiest class, I could never have been more wrong. It's kicking my ass...speaking of, I need to go finish reading my latest book, _So Far from God_, which by the way if you haven't read you must. It's a "must" type book!

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