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05 November 2004

A Stronger America
I wanted to wait a few days until I posted anything about the election. Unfortunately, the results I had hoped for was not the outcome; but I do believe that Kerry’s words are still in every American’s mind and heart. A Stronger America, that is what Kerry hoped for, and I think that is what he got and even though he did not win, he still achieved his goal. I believe this because I watched many people around me come together and work for what s/he believed in, I saw people rally together on that cold, rainy Election Day holding signs along the roadways. I know people that worked at the Democratic Headquarters, worked at the polls, wrote letters, made phone calls, I know people that came together. I know that on Election night, as I hung up the phone from my friend (who was pro-Bush), she wished me good luck for my candidate, and the next day when I phoned her, she muttered, “I’m sorry you lost,” and it was not because she was rubbing it in my face, but because she really meant what she said. Even though we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, I find something powerful in the fact that we can still maintain our friendship. I feel that through this Election, we have all created a stronger America, and in Kerry’s last speech when he said that our voices would still be heard, I believe this. Therefore, whether your candidate won or lost, I hope that we can all continue to grow together, raise our voices and become that stronger America that Kerry so much wanted.

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