i Wish i Could Be On Time!

19 January 2005

Savannah, Georgia...Fun in the sun!!!
School started back up again on the 10th of January. My classes all seem to be manageable, despite my first day experience in my Post-Colonial British Literature class in Oxford, which I have now reviewed and have decided I can deal. Work has been laid back the past week, and I have had some time to myself (which is highly unusual), and I'm taking the chance to post since it's been a few weeks. Besides work and classes, Wolfe and I are still maintaining the roller-coaster relationship together. Last Friday, he took his Master's exam and passed (not a surprise-the passing part), so we decided to take a road trip to not only celebrate, but because we both had a long holiday weekend. It's great what three days off can do for a person. We drove the 11 hours to Savannah, Georgia and really enjoyed our time together. From this trip, I have learned so much more about Wolfe, and I can say I hate him more and love him more. I'm so very proud of him for his accomplishments and look forward to many more. Since school has started, I've been slammed with reading (which, by the way, I should be doing now), 18 books for two literature classes, refreshing up on Spanish and analyzing Modern poetry. I'm already tired...

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