i Wish i Could Be On Time!

19 September 2005

This was the single most difficult weekend I've had in a long, long time. A long time. Wolfe and I have been very distant over the past few weeks, so in conclusion, we had a long discussion (I cried the whole fucking time) but things were resolved when I realized nearly most of it was my fault because I suck at the girlfriend thing and we talked for hours and I cried some more. Now we are just working on our relationship and I'm working on the girlfriend part. Together, this will work, damn it! I will be successful at this relationship because I realize now that he's my partner-in-crime and one of my best friends even when we don't get along and things aren't that bad after all because I'm content and comfortable with him in my life and why change that? However, on a good note: I did get to see one of my oldest and bestest friends in the whole wide world this weekend--Tarah!! It was so weird seeing her pushing a stroller around with a kid in it and everyone stopped to baby talk with Audrey and my god, Tarah is all grown up! :) It was great to see her, it's been forever and I've missed her, now I just need a Latasha fix and I'll be set to go. Today I went to a spa day with my friend Farrah at this bookstore/wellness center called Seven Sisters, which is new in Hamilton and is doing quite well which makes me happy. It was delightful and relaxing. I have a ton of reading to do for my classes and I just can't get the motivation to do so, I need a kick in the ass, but I can't reach it!!

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